Saturday, December 14, 2013

last day of the sale..

My boots hit the studio's freezing stone floor around 6 this morning. Nothing like a head-start on a m-o-u-n-d of orders. Travis is out hunting in the dreary rain and fog. What a man, that guy up at 3am and always providing for his family! 

It's the end of the day and pieces are firing and clicking in the kiln.. So I took an opportune break from jewelry and picked up a few spare pieces of leather. I made a small batch of purses last season but didn't have the room for another spare ball to juggle. The necklace pouches were my happy medium. 

So, here you go, almost finished and since I had an extra moroccan piece laying around.. why not. A few finishing touches and she's ready to go.

Don't forget, tomorrow is the last day of our sale. Get on the ball while you still can, Monday is our drop ship date!

That checkout code for the sale: HANDMADEHOLIDAY

also, there's a giveaway happening over a the Funky Monkey. Yep, I somehow managed to squeeze in a giveaway in the midst of all the holiday craziness and let me tell you.. she's got some great CN goodies!

until next time, friends

▴ cn ▴


Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's that time again..

It's the 4th annual 10 days of Christmas Sale. How is it already Christmas?! It's pretty wild to think it's our 4th year of doing this sale. Each year I tell myself it's the last, yet once again find myself signing up for piles of jewelry and blistered fingers. Maybe a Christmas-Sale-intervention is in order, who knows. ;)

So, here's the deal: through 12/15 get 30% off BOTH our shops, this is the first time we've done a sale like this including our main shop. Usually we host sales + discounts through our etsy store but this year, all of our goods are discounted! Enter HANDMADEHOLIDAY at checkout to save 30% off. 

Everyday for the next 10 days we'll post an 'item of the day' to our facebook page. That item will have an already discounted price so at checkout, adding the code: HANDMADEHOLIDAY will bring it to 40% off. 

So one last time:

» Sale ends 12/15 at midnight. 
» All items in BOTH shops are 30% off at checkout with code: HANDMADEHOLIDAY

» The item of the day is discounted so when you use the coupon, it comes to 40% off (ends at midnight each day) Check our facebook daily for the item of the day.

» All domestic orders will arrive in time for Christmas. International and Canadian orders, just add Express Shipping to your order and it's at your door in time, too.

Make sense? If not, ask away:

Merry Christmas, friends!

« Christina »

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ring a ding, ding.

Hope you're all recovering from a wonderful holiday filled with love and pie. Here's a highlight of our latest batch of rings.. 

Details and pricing in the shop. 
Check them out, here: SHOP
Our 4th annual Christmas sale start tomorrow. 10 days of discounts and sales on various items, just in time for Christmas. 

« christina »

Monday, November 18, 2013

Medicine Bags + others in the shop

The shop finally has a fresh batch of handmade medicine pouches. Made from recycled deerskin, these are perfect for carrying the little necessities or found objects. 

Check out the new pouches here:

I've also listed a few of these stunning beauties. Pre orders for these batches starts soon. 

until next time, friends.

« christina »

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quality > Quantity

My IG pal, Daniel Volland made a beautifully direct quote a few weeks back that I've found myself revisiting almost daily.  It's not only what we strive for but what we believe in. The daily decisions we make to support independent family business over the mega co's and in doing so, change the face of our generation. 

Enjoy + be sure to give him a follow!

♡C + T

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bands for Her

Since we took a stab at bands for our Beau's, we of course had to make collections for the ladies. I'm a band girl. I'm not one for big sparkly, bling rings, I never have been. [well, maybe when I was 12, but c'mon]. 

The colors, textures and collections we put together are all so lovely! J'adore.
Handmade from .925 Sterling Silver, sealed Brass and sealed Bronze.

Sterling + Bronze Collection No.1

Silver Stacking Collection No. 3. 

We've already had so much interest in these lovelies, we sold out of collections 1 + 3 before getting to post them. More combo's to come soon, my dears. No worries. 

Until next time..

♡c + t

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CN packaging

Packaging is one of those crucial elements of branding you're always revisiting. We've been perfecting and tweaking little aspects of ours for quite some time now. Not only do we want sharp, clean looking branding.. It should say something about who you are. 

 Over the last year or so we've been laser-cutting, printing, wrapping, taping and hunting to create packaging that fits us while being environmentally responsible. We've finally landed with this loveliness. 

Here's our CN packaging recipe:

▴ Biodegradable, recycled boxes made from egg cartons
▴ Recycled shredded paper
▴ Repurposed MDF price tags + earring boards
▴ Repurposed bubble wrap. That's right, our bubble wrap gets a second chance at keeping goodies safe, thanks to companies who recycle almost new bubble wrap to indie artisans like us.

We're pretty proud of our packaging. Especially since it's taken some elbow grease to get here. 

♡ christina + travis

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let them be rough

Travis felt it only fair for us to make a small collection of men's wedding + everyday bands. 
His main complaint in regards to mens jewelry: 'Stop refining the male genre!' Let us be rough, burly, earth-gritted men. We don't want to wear a piece of jewelry that looks like a larger version of a girls ring.. picked out by the girl in the first place. It should have character, history and a few battle a treasured relic.' 

Bullseye. So we sat down and designed, brainstorm, bickered and finalized this mini line. We hit the mark with these. 

Designed alongside my lover, crafted to withstand his manliness and just as handsome as the men we love.

[Sorry guys, Travis's hands were too burley to model this size ]

We'll be adding more and more rings to the shop soon.. Once the chaos of moving, painting and prepping the new studio space calms a bit.

 If you have a specific size or a request, send us a note:

♡ C+T